Category: Queen Elizabeth NP




The Park enjoys a fabulous rift valley setting between lakes George and Edward the foot of the Rwenzori mountain. A variety of habitats, including savannah, acacia woodland, forest, wetland, and open water supports a wide range of mamaland bird species.


//  Enjoy the best possible introduction to African birding as you seek 6054 species on a comparable small area of less than 2000 km²

//  Check off birds, mammals and reptiles galore as you cruise across the rift valley floor on the Kazinga Channel

//  Watch local people extract salt from evaporation pans in Lake Katwe – a process used since the 14th century

//  Meander between extinct volcanic craters, their fiery cores now filled with lakes , forests and grass.

//  Get up early to see the lions breakfasting on the Uganda Kobs on the jkasenyi plains.

//  Follow the chimpanzees through the forested area depth of the Kyambura Gorge

//  Look upwards to find lions in Ishasha. These obliging felines love to doze in the boughs of shady fig trees!


The following pictures give an overview of the most popular animals you can see in the park. Don’t miss the tour offers that include this beautiful piece of land at the bottom of this page: