Category: Murchison Falls NP




Ugandas largest park named after the nile 40m plunge over tje rift valley scarp. Below the falls the river is a home to amultitued of hippos crocodiles and waterbirds big game roams the rolling savanna plains to the north of the river while primates and birds live in the forests to the south.

//  Cruise up the nile towards murchson falls past hippos corocodiles and day visitors including elephants antelopes giraffe & buffulos
//  See hear & feel the river crash through a 7m cleft in the rift valley cliffs top to the falls view point
//  Search for the iconic shoebil in the papyrus delta where the nile enters lake albert


The following pictures give an overview of the most popular animals you can see in the park. Don’t miss the tour offers that include this beautiful piece of land at the bottom of this page: