Category: Kidepo Valley National Park


One of Africa’s last great wilderness, kidepo lies in the farthest corner ofthe remote karamoja region. Big game favourates roam rolling grasslands that extend in all directions towards distant mountain ranges in uganda, kenya and south sudan.


//  Explore the rollling grassland of the Narus valley, home to elephant , buffalo, giraffe, zebra, eland, hartebeest, lion, hyaena, cheetah…..etc.
//  Look for ostriches and secretary birds in tghe vast , arid expanse of the kidepo valley and tour the Narus valley (A) in search of vultures, raptors, savana hornbills and the improbably colourful Abyssinian roller
//  Visit a traditional karamojong manyatta(kraal)
//  Drive south through the length of karamojong from the hot, ochore plains of kidepo to the cool green slopes of Mount Elgon

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